Monday, January 14, 2013

Commercial Van I

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2011 Ford Transit Connect to be taken to CES 2012 in Vegas.

Before we got started.

Down to the bare painted metal before starting the build.

Side walls, shelves, and raised flooring built and test fitted.
Aluminum metal framing made for bracing and structure.

Finished product laminated walls and floor ready
for CES. Mounts for tablets and PC installed.

Alcatel-Lucent logo made and lit up with purple LED's.
An entire network was built and hidden inside the
raised floor including: router, hdmi, 2.0 usb, CAT6e,
and a mobile 4G hotspot.

We custom mounted a camera in the headliner like
you would see in a first responder type vehicle.

We took out the plain cloth seats and had them re-wrapped in a 
two-tone leather. You can also see the inside of the metal framing.

Two wi-fi antenna's installed on the roof for the mobile hot 4G hotspot.

These LED's really glow when the lights are dimmed
and you can really see the van come to life.

 LED's inside the shelves and behind the Alcatel-Lucent Logos.

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