Monday, April 22, 2013

Dodge Viper- Complete Custom Overhaul

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Dodge Viper

The suede was continued up onto the side door panels for continuity.

The factory center console was wrapped in suede. The new 
Kenwood dnx9980hd was installed and wired remote was 
mounted in the cup holder location.

We made a custom start up screen and uploaded it onto the 
Kenwood. We also made custom accent lighting on either 
side of the screen with RGB lighting.

Police lights and siren were added for fun and the 
controller was mounted in the center console.

Police lights hidden in factory headlights.

The factory sub and speaker were removed and replaced with custom 
laser etched plexiglass inserts and was then wrapped in suede.

Rogue Status logo.

The Viper is also lit up with RGB LED's.

The entire trunk was wrapped in suede with vinyl accents.

All panels in the trunk were replaced and custom made by us.

Rogue Status raised lettering was placed under the suede.

Rogue Status logo laser etched on plexiglass.

Custom hand made Viper logo was placed as a grille to the 
hidden JL Audio 13TW53. Grille is also lit with RGB LED's.

RGB lighting set to blue.

RGB lighting set to purple.

RGB lighting set to green.

Accent RGB lighting was installed in the speaker grilles.

Passport p9500ci display was mounted in rear view mirror display.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Why Would You Trust Your Vehicle To The Lowest Bidder?

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With most products and services the ‘low bidder’ is associated with the lowest quality. The lowest bidder still has to make a profit and may make just as much profit as the high bidder. But the costs for the low bidder are lower. Cost of personnel such as technical consulting, installation technicians, infrastructure, shop facility and level of preparedness all factor in. With the low bidder it’s generally a matter of roll the dice and hope for the best. That may be okay if you’re buying a toaster oven but are you really going to trust your expensive vehicle to the low bidder?

Earmark has been locally owned and operated since 1980. You don’t make it in business for over 30 years without being pretty good at what you do.

We aren't trying to be the biggest mobile electronics retailer in the nation. Our focus is on being excellent at what we do in the sense of a boutique operation. After more than 30 years in business, Earmark remains a specialist. National or chain operations lose the attention to detail in a service and technically intensive industry. Just look at Circuit City, Ultimate, Federated, Pacific Stereo, CMC, Highland Appliance, Incredible Universe and Tweeter to name a few. Without exception, these companies lost the quality of execution as they got larger. And, where are they now?

Earmark received winner of the ‘best installation’ in the world car stereo finals, and multiple national titles throughout the years. Nationally recognized for being the best in installation in such publications as Car Stereo Review, Cars, Installation News, Car Audio & Electronics and Autosound & Security. 

If you are a homeowner then you have discovered that the low bidder usually means ‘builder quality’. Whether that is applied to exterior paint, roofing, fencing or flooring, it’s not usually a good thing and you learn that if you stay in the home for more than a couple of years. Do you want the absolute cheapest paint job for your car? Not likely unless it only has to look good long enough to sell the old clunker.  

Earmark Car Audio