Monday, October 8, 2012

Deeper Understanding

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Every once and a while an artist comes along that is truly unique. For example, Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham had such a distinctive sound, a combination of speed and power coupled with a unique feel for the groove of the song, that you find yourself zoning in on the drums, even with the voice of Robert Plant and guitar of Jimmy Page on the same cut. 

Another such example is the genius of Paul McCartney and his incredibly melodic bass lines. Prior to The Beatles, the bass player was never a “front man” in a pop group but Paul McCartney changed that. He brought the bass guitar (and bass players) out of the background by creating a melodic counterpoint to the main melody of the song. I can just visualize the Beatles and Paul with his Hofner bass making it look so easy. But it’s not. In fact it’s amazingly complex. To learn just how musically complex these bass lines are read this article: 'The Melodic Bass Lines Of Paul McCartney By Rob Collier'.

Or, you can just hear these fantastic melodic bass lines on your audio system. Or, can you? Most cannot. You mean you thought a bass guitar was a percussion instrument that was plucked and vibrated just like a mallet striking a kick drum? Nope. It’s not supposed to be anyway. It’s a stringed instrument, just like a lead electric guitar or a violin. And you should expect to hear a degree of tonal definition and pitch accuracy like all other stringed instruments. Unfortunately, most subwoofers cannot reproduce bass with that much accuracy. Think about it. Many people describe their subwoofer as “It hits!”, “It pounds!”, or “It slams!”. Sounds like they’re describing a percussion instrument to me.

Have you seen the guy that is standing behind his vehicle as the bass pounds, and how much pride he takes in the way his license plate vibrates. It’s like a badge of honor. But I’ve never seen a band with a musician strumming on a license plate (maybe in a prison band). When the subwoofer becomes the instrument rather than the reproduction medium then you have lost touch with the music.

The fact is that most have never heard the possibilities from a really great musical subwoofer system. So if you get bored with the constant monotonous sound of the typical subwoofer and instead you want to listen to real music, it might be time to visit us!


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