Thursday, September 6, 2012

Installation Matters!

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Want to build a 4-cylinder Honda or Acura into an 11-second street machine? It’s very possible, but you won’t get it done with a box of turbos, headers, intakes, fuel pumps and electronic ignitions. It takes an experienced pro to correctly install the gear (assuming that it is the ‘right’ gear) so that it works in unison and the sum of the parts reach the collective potential. More importantly, someone with real know-how and skills must tune the engine with their laptop. There aren’t many who can make a difference.

It is similar to the difference between the guy who mans the grill at a Burger King and a 5-star chef. One of them ‘gets’r done’ and the other creates a dish that is a slice of heaven.

Well, it‘s much the same with your car stereo system. At many (it may be more accurate to say ‘most’) mobile electronics companies, they consider your audio system completed when everything is verified as simply working. When all the speakers play and all functions work, it is time to clean up. You’re done. That is the Mobile Electronics industry’s version of ‘fast car stereo’. Unfortunately, at that point it is what comes next that can make the biggest difference in performance…TUNING.

 A real car audio technician must own or have access to a scope, an RTA, a multimeter and a laptop, plus a sine wave and pink noise generator. And, he has got to know how to use these tools. If not, your car audio equipment investment is just randomly connected boxes. They may all play together, but you are definitely missing the soul of the music.

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